Monday, December 13, 2004

honey, i'm home

- so you know how when you eat a bag of chips or something and you're really bored, your eyes seem to wander over to the nutritional information (not because you care) on the back, and you are amazed at just how much bad shit is in it? then you feel kind of guilty. but it doesn't matter. so you keep reading. and then you get to the fine print. that's when you realize that there's seventeen billion and three calories in approximately eight chips!

- who eats eight chips?!?!

- so my dad recently went to scotland and brought back some chocolate,a nd i was kind of just sitting there, eating a bar of chocolate, and i glanced at the nutritional information. you want to know what the scots do?

- information for two bars of chocolate. two full bars!

- god bless them.