Tuesday, May 31, 2005

victim of political pride

- i have always been bitter about never having received an easy bake oven in my childhood. besides a dog, it was the only thing that i ever really wanted. and now that i'm old enough to buy one for myself, it just seems silly, since i can use a real oven and make real food.

- and yet i'm still bitter. go figure

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

at least i'm flying free

- i have been 18 for four days and approximately eight hours, and i don't understand it at all. this is being an adult? i waited 18 years to feel like this? this feels like 12 and uncertain about my future. this feels like 7 and sure that all boys have cooties. this feels like 2 an unable to voice my thoughts in a coherent manner that will make them heard. this feels like 86 and senile.

- i still feel childish - perhaps even moreso now than i did before, because now it's rebellious. i don't particularly disagree with being childish, to be honest - it was never my decision to be an adult, after all.