Wednesday, July 27, 2005

i smell like a man

- i ran out of my normal deodorant (or antiperspirant, i don't know), so i had to resort to using my emergency backup kind, and now i smell like man. but i'm not a man. so clearly, there's a problem.

Monday, July 25, 2005

math is the shit

- ice princess: no, i didn't watch it, but i am still going to talk about it. i hope you're down with that.

- the premise of this movie is much like that of many other chick flick movies targeted at the younger half of girls in their teens and their unfortunate boyfriends. in other words, it's about a girl who goes from geek to chic for some reason or another.

- but i feel i really must represent geekdom here and say what the hell is wrong with geek in the first place? who's standing tall and respecting the intelligence and the thick glasses? who really has the power to say that chic is all that great? i mean, the word's french. and most of you don't know french. so quit your whining, is all i'm saying.

- however, what really got my bubble busted was when i decided to inspect the cover of said wretched movie. what did it say? well let me tell you what it said. it said, 'from scholastic to fantastic!'

- this just made my jaw drop. disney doesn't know what it's talking about. all those fatcats and their rhyming words. let me tell you, disney, that this isn't black and white we're talking about here. it's not like there's some line and scholastic's on one end and fantastic's on the other, and we're all just waiting to take that one way, no stop trip. that line curves, baby. it curves all the way into a circle. and that circle's filled in. and you know what's right in the middle?

- it's me. cause i'm both scholastic and fantastic. and that's not nuts. don't go calling agent smith over from the matrix. he's not needed.

- disney sent out a stupid message with the cover of this movie. not that i was going to watch it anyway, but now i have even more reason to boycott it. don't try and tell little girls and their boyfriends that you have to go away from scholastic in order to be fantastic. cause it's not true. fantastic people? yeah, they're all pretty scholastic, that's what makes them scholastic. so there.

- side note: also on the cover, i noticed that the girl (in the 'scholastic' phase, of course) is wearing and i heart math pin. anyone know where i can get one? i'm being serious. i would wear it every day. because i heart math.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

don't need no abacus

- my friends and i were watching aladdin last night because, well, because we could. and isn't that reason enough?

- but a thought struck me in the middle of the song 'prince ali' when the genie was listing all of aladdin's wonderful possessions, and he came to 'llamas galore.' on screen, there were only three llamas.

- do three llamas really count as llamas galore? how many items must you really need for them to count as 'galore?' is there a specific point when you no longer have something 'galore' but instead just have a lot of that particular item?

- and if my sneaking suspicion is, in fact, accurate, shouldn't there be someone employed to monitor and eliminate the misuse of glorious words such as 'galore' and save them for such occasions when they would truly be appropriate?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

there's another world inside of me

- it's hard to realize that your life has started and you're not living it. that's what happened to me. i am no longer bound by the law or by my parents to go to school and live at home and be who everyone wants me to be. i am myself, and i am free of the clutches of all possible evils. my life has started. and i'm at home blogging.

- wow. just wow.