Saturday, January 31, 2004

- if you're looking to kill approximately 9 minutes by watching a hilariously random and slightly disturbing stick man cartoon with nothing to do with anything, go here and click on "rejected" underneath media. warning: not for people who aren't amused by stupidity.

- thomas is moving. i've been trying to tell myself this for something ridiculous, like 7 months. it's still not sinking in, but it's happening in 2 days. maybe it has sunk in, i don't know. it's kind of numbing, though. we've only been close - really close - for about a year - one crazy, crazy year. and i know it won't be the same when he's gone, so i've been trying to prepare myself for letting go, but every time i think about it, i want to hold on tighter. that sounded stupid. and it sounded like i think we're married. or going out. or something. we're not.

- and it's not like he's even going that far, or that we'll never see each other. we'll see each other plenty. just not every day. not like it is now. it just won't be the same, and change scares me. it scares most people, i think, but especially me. as ephram from everwood said, "if you are suffering, at least the pain is familiar".

Friday, January 30, 2004

- madison and i were at the mall today and we had to use the public phones on several occasions. eww! i have a thing about using public phones - well, more about not using them. i just think it's gross. when you think about how many people have touched the phone - put their ears on it and most likely their mouths, too

- it's kind of overwhelming. it just gives me the creeps. i know there are much more unsanitary places, such as a public washroom, perhaps. but public washrooms get cleaned. when's the last time you've seen a "caution: slippery when wet" sign on a public phone?

- yeah, that's what i thought. they're gross.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

- U2: Kite
- who's to say where the wind will take you / who's to know what it is will break you / i don't know / which way the wind will blow / who's to know when the time has come around / don't wanna see you cry / i know that this is not goodbye.

- that, ladies and gentleman, was a necessary blog. it makes me feel better.

- and, since everyone has been feeling kind of "not good" as of late, i decided to post this:
- think about love, or hate, or joy, or rage - whatever makes you feel something, makes your palms sweat and your toes curl. focus on that feeling. when people don't express themselves, they die one piece at a time. you'd be amazed at how many people are really dead inside - walking through their days with no idea who they are, just waiting for a heart attack or cancer or a speeding beer truck to come along and finish the job.

- i read pretty much exactly that in a book once (i can't remember what it was called, but it was about a girl who bit her lips too much), and i wrote it down somewhere, and i think i might have changed it a little, but it is by no means mine. (that was my disclaimer)

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

- i'm just getting off a science kick, since i had three sciences (biology, chemsitry, and physics) this semester, and i just finished studying my tooshie off. so i've been looking for some interesting yet amusing science links. here's a good find, and a good reason to brush three times a day AND floss AND use some listerine.

- watermelon, anyone?

Sunday, January 25, 2004

- if the castle thing from yesterday isn't exactly what you look for in a game (trust me, it is), then there's always another alternative: spanking a monkey. as dirty as it may sound, you honestly just slap a monkey with a giant hand. my best slap was 548 miles per hour (that's about 882 kilometeres per hour, for those who use the metric system).

Saturday, January 24, 2004

- if you have a castle, and you would like to spend hours defending it by throwing your attackers in the air and hearing the satisfying crush of their bones and splatter of their blood as they land, and you don't want to do anything illegal, i recommend going here.

- i got to level 11 my first time, so it can't be THAT hard. i was just about to buy the lovely pool thing (i have no idea what use it has) when i was defeated. so now i'm forced to study.

- but hey, if you decide to go kill some peasants, i'll be with you in spirit.
- today thomas and i were talking about bill murray in general. for some reason, he thought i wouldn't know who bill murray is (probably because i'm an idiot), so he insisted on listing every bill murray movie known to man. what was particularly offensive to me was that when he got around to mentioning ghostbusters, he tacked "not quite as respectable" in front of it.

- what's not respectable about a giant marshmallow man called stay puft who walks around the city looking all giant and marshmallow-y and who terrorizes the people? sometimes, all i can do is shake my head in wonder.

Friday, January 23, 2004

- "toast crumblies" have replaced "having to pick wedgies in public" on my list of things that annoy me (at least you can make a joke out of the wedgies - the crumblies are just wrong). i hate when i decide to butter my toast (toast is, in fact, the only thing i butter) and there are those crispy little buggers sitting there looking all innocent. well they know perfectly well i don't want someone else's toast on my toast! ew!

- i've always wondered - what's the point of this? first of all, "diet" is "die" with a typo. secondly, caffeine free? so your reason for drinking this would be...? pretend calories that don't make you hyper? how can this be the way the world was supposed to be??

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

- a while ago, a guy my dad works with went up north to hunt moose, so my dad volunteered me to take care of his guinea pig (which i actually didn't mind). so the guy came back, and as a present, he brought us some moose meat (mmmm). so i was looking around in the freezer today, and suddenly my hand touched what i thought were frozen cookies. no, no, it was frozen moose guts. attractive.

- and hey, we all enjoy a little cow tipping.

Monday, January 19, 2004

- i would like to mention here that I am adding Strong Bad to my list of people for me to marry, for he is sexy.

- the other day, i got to thinking, and i was wondering if anyone else has noticed that band-aids make the world a better place. really? every scrape, skinned knee, paper cut, etc. feels better when there are band-aids involved. they're such a security blanket.

- survey says: neon green band-aids are as good as it gets.

- since exams are so close (for me anyway), i would like to supply all dedicated procrastinators with a way to kill five minutes: the virtual stapler.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

- i wish i was an advice giver. you know, one of those all-knowing people that everyone just has a tendancy to drift toward? one of those people who is always prepared to listen to your problems or thoughts, and who says the right things - not just because they want to make you happy, but because they're right.

- i know two advice givers, and they're both incredicly reliable people. i envy them, because i would love to be as viewd as all-knowing, easy to talk to, and a good giver of advice. i pity them because i know from experience that people (eg. me) go to them to complain as well as converse, and i'm sure it gets tedious. also, peple who want to talk to them evidently want to talk about themselves, to some degree. advice givers probably don't get asked many quetions about themselves. on one hand, they'd at least be getting partially left alone, but on the other, it would probably also feel like no one cared about them.

- but i know that's not true; i love my advice givers. and i wish i was one. it would really interest me to hear other people's troubles and to try and help them. i find the inner workings of other people intriguing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

- V8 splash is my saviour.

- you see, my mother has decided to make me eternally unhappy (i.e. healthy) by banning all carbonated beverages from our household (she wants the coke addiction to stop). there were only two other drinks to... well... drink... in my house: diet caffeine free gingerale (enough said) and water (tasty, but not enough taste, you know?). i used the past tense because i convinced my mother that if i am not allowed to have coke, i should have some sort of other tasty beverage in order to wean myself off the coke. juice it was. my new addiction to V8 splash (and its many derivatives - eg. V8 splash strawberry kiwi) has resulted.

- V8 splash is my saviour.

- in other news, i have rediscovered the blessing that is hand sanitizer. "purel" to some, "one step" to me, gift to all. who wouldn't delight in a tiny bottle of oozy nice smelling goodness that kills 99.9% off germs with a single goosh? those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about are definitely missing out. hand sanitizer: get it.

- some people are stupid. i don't think i need to elaborate on this. i have my reasons for stating it, but you have your reasons for agreeing with it (and i know you do agree), because everyone knows someone stupid. even if you're someone else's stupid person, you have a stupid person of your own. it's like having an arch nemesis, only you're not competing against them because they don't have the mental capacity to keep up. let's just hope all the stupids are on the good side. (come on, you knew i was evil all along).

- if i were a true genius, i would say something clever and witty to close, such as "muwahahaha". but i am not a genius and am therefore neither clever nor witty. or at least, that's what i'd like you to believe.

Thursday, January 1, 2004

-here is my theme song list for 2003: (by theme song, i mean songs that represent my general feelings for the month. i do not have the permission of any artists or labels to call any of these songs my theme songs, but i am doing it anyway, for i am evil)

january: annie, our lady peace

february: anna begins, counting crows

march: clocks, coldplay

april: so i need you, three doors down

may: lost together, blue rodeo june:

breathing, lifehouse july: that day, natalie imbruglia

august: life is a highway, tom cochrane

september: goodbye, spice girls

october: i am a rock, simon and garfunkel

november: bring me to life, evanescence

december: grey street, dave matthews band

- some of these may or may not make sense if you're not me. some of them could be very grossly misinterpreted. i would like some of them to be grossly misinterpreted to keep my feelings to myself.