Friday, October 31, 2003

- check it out! heather is advancing in the "world wide web" dimension. no, really!! i changed the template-type thing all by myself. i'm pretty impressed with me. p.s. this is what i do on a friday night when all of my friends are doing exciting things and i'm stuck at home not handing out candy to the non-existing kids.

- that reminds me - happy halloween and all. apparently the people who live in my neighbourhood haven't made babies in a while, cause there were practically no kids. we got less than half our normal turn out, and it's a friday. what were these kids thinking? even more importantly, what kind of parents don't time their kids so that they can have a halloween on a friday? i know i would if i were at a good baby-making age. but i'm not. don't get any ideas (i saw you perk up, vicky).

- so i went to kernels today to buy a birthday present for sarah bentley (don't tell her what i got her. i tried to go all out, and i want her to be surprised - by go all out, i mean i got her exactly what i told her i'd get her). anyway, so ellen, my "cousin", gave me all sorts of "family discounts", and i've been eating popcorn all night and so i've had about a bagillion juice boxes and approximately a bagilloin more cokes. isn't that interesting?

- and everyone likes knowing how dumb heather is. are you ready for this? well today was halloween and all so i took my camera to school to take pictures of my friends in their costumes for ridiculing purposes when they become famous, and i noticed that my picture count was at like 20 so i figured i'd finish the film. so i've been taking pictures all day, waiting for the camera to rewind, but it didn't. when i looked at the counter again, it was at 30. guess what i realized after that? no film, of course. so i've taken approx. 30 imaginary pictures. not only am i a huge idiot, but i bet there were some "pictures" on that baby that i would have really liked to have. grr. i wish i wasn't so dumb.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

- i first became intrigued by blogs when i found ones with "100 things" on them. i was addicted for a while. so, here it is, a list of 100 things that i have decided to share with you about myself. i would definitely recommend doing this; not only is it funny to try and think of things that are interresting or weird about yourself, but you might actually learn something, too (as corny as it sounds).

1. i was born on may 14. i am a taurus and i share a birthday with george lucas, creator of star wars.

2. a new hope (episode IV) is my favourite of the star wars movies.

3. my middle name is linda. so is my aunt's name.

4. my aunt reminds me of the chicken in robin hood.

5. i have two older sisters. they are 8 and 11 years older than me, and they act like they're my mothers sometimes.

6. i was probably a mistake.

7. i have lived in the same house my whole life.

8. i am a picky person.

9. there are only four vegetables i like: celery, carrots, potatoes, and lettuce.

10. i am allergic to celery and carrots.

11. i love contacts.

12. contacts hate me.

13. i'm the kind of person who will wear 1 month contacts for 3 months.

14. power stripe deodorant bothers me a lot. if the stripe is so powerful, why don't they just make the whole stick out of the same stuff?

15. i love socks.

16. i love sandals.

17. i'm the kind of unfortunate person who wears socks with sandals.

18. i want a tattoo really badly.

19. i don't like needles.

20. i'm not smart

21. i'm socially inept.

22. red meat disgusts me.

23. i love brushing my teeth. that minty fresh feeling makes me feel better.

24. i prefer to write in blue pen.

25. i have never owned a thong.

26. i have been in two car accidents. they happened in the same year. they also happened at the same intersection.

27. i love people that have good manners.

28. the song 'jesse's girl' usually makes me cry, for some unknown reason.

29. sheep are my favourite animal.

30. my driver's licence picture isn't as bad as most.

31. i can fit my whole fist in my mouth.

32. i have tiny hands.

33. but i also have a small mouth.

34. i have an extra tooth up near my nose somewhere. you can't see it or anything. and i can't feel it. but it's there.

35. due to complications with my ears, i did not start swimming until i was 10 years old. i still don't swim well.

36. each of my ears has one hole. the one in my right ear is slightly crooked; it always takes me about five minutes to get an earring in that hole.

37. i think nose rings are sexy on girls.

38. i speak french pretty well compared to most.

39. i blush easily.

40. i have been to scotland 5 times. my parents are scottish. i love everything about scotland... especially the hills, the livestock, and the castles.

41. i can't stand poor grammar or poor spelling. watch out - i will correct you automatically.

42. despite this fact, i hate using capital letters.

43. i once got docked marks on an english paper for not putting capitals on my name.

44. i now capitalize all assignments properly.

45. i love languages and words. i hope to learn and become fluent in many languages, but i don't know how to go about it.

46. i often stutter or make incoherent noises when i speak.

47. i'm pretty hairy.

48. perfumes make my eyes water; i can't smell anything appealing, just alcohol.

49. colognes, on the other hand, are a-okay.

50. i like to pretend i'm organized.

51. i'm not organized.

52. the best breakfast, in my opinion, is a bagel with cream cheese.

53. recently, i have fallen in love with the colour green. it has to be deep, though, otherwise it either looks like vomit, urine, or snot, none of which are pleasant bodily functions.

54. reading is something i always enjoy but rarely make time to do.

55. i am really bad at remembering characters' names in books, movies, and TV shows.

56. i am the best secret keeper ever.

57. i love smells that people aren't supposed to love: gasoline, white out, paint, permanent marker, and dog food.

58. it bothers me when my friends make more money than i do.

59. i heart math.

60. my feet are just about the smelliest feet there are. sometimes at work i'll be walking around, and i'll catch a whiff of something raunchy. then, i'll realize that i'm smelling my own feet, which are approximately five feet from my nose.

61. i have a good sense of smell.

62. i often associate a place with its coordinating soup smell.

63. when i was little, i wanted to be a cement truck driver when i "grew up".

64. i hope i never grow up.

65. it makes me uncomfortable if i'm not wearing a watch. despite this fact, i am often late.

66. babies scare me.

67. i once received a trophy for lowest bowling score at my dad's work party. i was three and ecstatic.

68. my signature isn't special. it's just me putting my name on a piece of paper in my writing. if i were famous and i gave people my autograph, their friends wouldn't believe them that it was a famous person's autograph. but i'm not famous.

69. <---- something i have never tried.

70. one of the best moments of my life (sad but true) was when my friends and i went to a soccer field where there were lots of seagulls. we all held hands in a line and ran at them screaming at the top of our lungs until they had all flown away. it was liberating.

71. i learn phone numbers really fast.

72. i don't run really fast.

73. nto a huge fan of cake, cupcakes, or other such confectionary items.

74. even though they tell you "don't judge a book by it's cover", that's exactly what i do. i believe that's the most accurate way to judge things. people are aware that the cover is being seen, so the way they present it is the way they want it to be taken.

75. kind of like that, i can usually tell by the name of a song whether or not i'll like it.

76. i don't know what my cover is.

77. according to TheSpark, i am 10% more gay than the average gay female.

78. as far as i know, i'm not gay.

79. if i were gay, angelina jolie would be the one for me.

80. but i'm not gay.

81. i resent people who know what they're going to do with their lives. my future is one big ball of "i don't know", and "you have plenty of time to decide". it scares me.

82. i like to think that i have control of things.

83. i don't have control of things.

84. internet research is my forte.

85. i like using words in non-context so that they don't really mean what they're supposed to mean.

86. i have a problem that i like to call "volume control" when speaking. i'd like to blame it on my hearing problems, but they don't exist.

87. i heart boys in kilts. not to discredit girls in kilts; also very attractive.

88. i am allergic to birch trees.

89. my mom planted a birch tree in our front lawn.

90. each of my closest friends has some talent/ability that makes them really special.

91. i don't have a talent/ability that makes me really special.

92. i think i'm special anyway.

93. nothing tragic has ever happened to me.

94. there are four neat lamps and a giant watch-clock in my room.

95. i think trees are a lot more interseting than statues.

96. horses scare me. they are big and mean and their nostrils are gigantic. also? their foot size to ass size ratio just seems very incorrect to me.

97. my toenails are bright pink.

98. my finger nails are not.

99. this was hard.

100. i believe that i can change the world.

*edited in july of 2005

Friday, October 24, 2003

good morning, good morning

- i was at julie's for a slumber party type thing last night. we actually did pretty well for sleep (we went to bed at 3 and got up at around 9)... but it was the manner in which we got up that was the problem. her cleaner lady showed up and hammered on the door and trecked her small, young child with her. i'm sure you can imagine what that lead to. not that i have a problem with her, it's just i like sleep. - i just thought i'd give you a quick update into my amazing social life. i am going now to get coffee. and food. definitely food. p.s. reminder for julie: no beans for mickey.

Monday, October 20, 2003

- welcome to my first ever blog! i am heather... also known as heatha and spammy. umm... that's all. i'd like that say a special thanks to vicky for inspiring me to blog, for he is amazing. (p.s. he has a girl's name) - i am currently supposed to be studying for a unit test tomorrow... which is why i am here. i am a professional procrastinator, after all. but i'm only going to put it off for so long, because i am also a professional nerd. therefore i will leave now, and be back later (i'm sure you are looking forward to it).