Sunday, April 16, 2006

spoiled rotten

- upon receiving change from shopping a while ago (shopping is a rare occurrence as a student), i noticed how dirty some coins can be. the loonie (one dollar coin, for all the non-canadians out there) at which i looked was completely moulded

- so moulded, in fact, that i was forced to truly peer at it in order to identify it as a loonie. - to me, this was disgusting.

- 'how does money get like this?' i thought. 'what must people do in order to make money this gross?'

- i pondered all of the interactions that money must have with people, and i realized that money really is communal. very communal. too communal. really. we wear sandals in community showers, why aren't we wearing gloves to handle our money?

- i mean, i don't typically do disgusting things to my money. really, i don't. but we all know that there are plenty of unhygenic people in the world. and snot-nosed children. and old people who can't control their salivation. and all that stuff gets on the money. and that's gross.

- "down with everyone who's gross!" i was about to declare. but, then i realized that when i don't have pockets i put coins in my socks to hold on to them.

- and for that, i'm sorry. so very, very sorry.

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