Thursday, April 13, 2006

the wings of life

- normally, i'm a lazy pile, so imagine my surprise when i said to my roommate last night, "hey, wanna go for a run tomorrow?" what was even more surprising was that when she replied in the affirmative (i'm not kidding, she actually said, "affirmative, sir"**).

- and then, this morning, i actually got up. and i actually put my hair up and brushed my teeth. hell, i even rolled on some deodorant. and really, once all that shit's done, you can't just not go for a run, no matter how lazy you are.

- so we went. and it was awesome.

- she listens to her music, so she was off in her own world and left me to mine. this gave me plenty of time to concentrate on everything that was going on. i wasn't wearing my contacts or glasses (read: i couldn't see, more or less), so i was really focusing on my other senses.

- it sounded like the morning; very few voices but plenty of birds. it smelled like fresh; everything was waking up new and different from the day before. it tasted like clean; no dirty deeds had been done today.

- it felt like strength; the power of my movements reminded me that it's not hard to just keep going. everyone does it. but what you ought to strive to do is to want to keep going. enjoy everything, because everything is worth enjoying. enjoy the sound of your footsteps and the smell of your own sweat mingled with the bittersweet aroma of coffee. enjoy the taste of the air, not because it tastes like anything in particular, but because it's everywhere and if you enjoy it, you will always have something to appreciate. enjoy the sound of the garbage truck at five o'clock in the morning because it means someone is doing something for you - they're taking care of you. enjoy papercuts, because they remind you how little things can have big effects. enjoy water, not because it makes you healthy, but because it's natural and pure and clean. enjoy pictures of friends, and pictures of enemies, and pictures of animals and trees and statues and poo, because there is beauty in everything.

- even in you.

**utter bullshit.

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