Saturday, April 22, 2006

treasure hunt

- when i was about eight years old, i read a book about a boy who gets caught picking his nose in font of the whole class and gets teased until the point where he does a research project on it and finds out that everyone picks their nose.

- and really, why wouldn't we all pick our noses? sometimes you just get the really crusty ones that latch on to your inner olfactory unit and refuse to let go. why? i don't know. i can't imagine it's really all that pleasant, what with the hair and the constant wind and such. anyhow, these crusties are just a pain in the bum, and occasionally they cause us to hurt. and we can blow our noses all we want, they just hold on tighter, just to spite us. but our fingers? perfect size.

- so go on, get it up there. dig around a bit. see what you can find. just don't do it in front of the whole class.

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